Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Losing Weight part 3

Wow, I have had so many intentions of blogging recently. Of course every time I get a chance to sit down and write, whatever I was thinking about somehow magically blows out of my mind and I am consumed with whatever nonsense is happening on my FB feed. Deep sigh.

Some movies I have been watching that I would recommend are:
Forks Over Knives - very good motivation for eating more whole foods, the dietary reasons why we should eat more vegetables and fruit. It promotes vegan, which I don't think we would do all the way, but I am definitely planning on fixing more non-meat, vegetable and plant based meals.
Hungry For Change - I liked how they talked about why high fructose corn syrup and MSG's are bad for you. They talk about how great juicing is and how diets don't work. Towards the end though, it got a little too ... I don't know, weird? Just talking about visualizing what kind of body you want to have and all that kind of junk. I guess so a little bit, but really, it got to where it was a little silly. Very encouraging meal for going back to the basics
Fresh - I have only gotten halfway through this film but it is definitely encouraging in regards to why we should eat organic/sustainable foods. Very informative and I LOVE the organic farmer in there. He's the same guy who was in Food Inc which I was a few years ago.

I like watching these kinds of movies because I strongly believe that ignorance is NOT bliss. The reason why I feel crappy is because of all the crap I put into my body. I need to know what is being done to my food before I consume it.

I have started to cut out a lot of meat and dairy since seeing FOK and I have noticed I've been feeling much better. I need to find good recipes though because it seems that my milk supply has been waning a bit with the change. I need to figure out a balance in all of this.

The main thing I've been keeping in the back of my mind is that this is not meant to be an obsession. Food is not the point. Food is not to be worshiped, it is God who is to be worshiped. Lord, help me to glorify You and see people as being important, not myself, not what I'm consuming, but You. Teach me to view others as more important than myself.

I need to go to bed now. That is all. 


  1. Jody, read Nourishing Traditions. Get it from the library. It'll change your life and has tons of recipes in it, too.

    P.S.- I've been to Polyface Farms and got to meet Joel Salatin! He's my hero. :)

  2. This isn't a food-related documentary, but it's one I think you'd enjoy: The Business of Being Born - it's about home birth and using midwives and doulas. It was really good - and on Netflix streaming :)