Saturday, July 19, 2014

A New Phone

I sat down to do my normal Bible study and just felt like the Lord was telling me to write.

It was a rough night last night with Simeon. It took several tries to finally get him down (this often happens when he's overtired) and then several times throughout the night he would cry so I just brought him in bed and nursed him. Then I would wake up sometime later, put him back in bed and then he would cry later on and I would go get him again. All in all it makes for a confusing night and I'm not sure he needs to be fed so much.

Anyways, I wanted to blog about my phone and the loss and the restoration and all of that story.

After I posted a picture yesterday Ben told me I need to give credit where credit is due. :) Our friends, the Spena's gave us their iPhone 4S, (Ben had a plain old 4 that was on the brink) so Ben decided to up grade his phone and instead of giving me the 4S he gave me the 5S that he could have taken for himself. He would not have been able to do that without the gift from the Spena's though and we are so thankful for generous friends

He gave me the nicer phone because I take all the pictures and it has a nicer camera. I had just better be super diligent about not LOSING this one. Oh my gosh…

So many times when I look back at that fateful day of losing everything I just want to kick myself and be like, "You idiot!" I seriously lost hundreds of dollars worth of stuff that day. Gone. In the blink of an eye. … I can't even talk about this right now.

Lord, help me not to live inside of regret. It's a place that paralyzes me and flattens me down to nothing. Help me to just learn from my mistakes and move on. Help me to be diligent and mindful of where my stuff is and keeping track of it. Let me not be lazy as I am getting ready and help me to remember to put things in the right places when we get home.

Thank You for loving us and taking care of us even when we do stupid stuff.

Thank You for always providing in spite of our mistakes sometimes.

Thank You for letting us learn lessons and suffer consequences.

God, if there's anything I've learned in these past few weeks, it's that You are all sufficient. You are all that I need.

Friday, July 4, 2014

No Regrets

I'd rather be pursuing food blogs right now… that's what I'd rather do.

But I think I just need to process. So why not do it online?

Dear TSA and Southwest Airlines,

I hope you find my bag and my phone. It would be so awesome if you did.



I really really really miss my phone. I was thinking about that today. I miss being able to call someone and chat while I drive. I miss my friends texts (goofy and serious) and the connectedness I felt with them. I miss being able to take pictures of cute things my kids do and then post them on social media.

We have decided that I probably need to just get a new phone and a smart one would be ideal because it will be able to navigate for me. It will also be able to take pictures and videos. The only thing is that we would have to bite the bullet financially to get it. No, we are not going into debt by any means, just cutting into our nice, pretty pile of money we have saved. It's just frustrating.

I haven't really bought many new clothes. I mean, I got a skirt and two shirts for the wedding and rehearsal dinner, my sister gave me a pair of shorts (which I love so far, Faded Glory, who knew?) and a shirt. I bought two more shirts from Target and then that's about it.

Ben's parents gave me one of their Bibles which was similar to the one I lost. I love them and their generosity. It's good to just have a Bible I can mark up now and make my own. I've been using little pieces of paper as a journal. I should have bought one the other day, but I just don't spend money. I always think, "I can hold out a little longer."

I was talking to Ben about this nagging feeling I have of regret. Thinking: why did we fly? Why didn't we just drive? At least we wouldn't' have forgotten so much stuff, we wouldn't have inconvenienced my parents by using their van, I would still have my phone, we would have been fine to drive… Then Ben pointed out that if we had driven I would have been miserable. We would be in the car with three kids four and under for 39 hours. It would have been stupid.

So maybe I just need to live and learn.

-Keep track of your stuff
-Don't freak out at airports
-Don't regret stuff

Lord, help me to live with no regrets. I struggle with this because it's easy to look back and wish I had done things differently. But if I spend all my time wishing I had done something different, then I won't enjoy what I'm doing right now. Lord, help me to live in the moment and for the future. Help me to look ahead and around me. Let me learn and move on. I'm struggling now Lord, help my heart and my emotions to catch up with what I know to be true: You are sovereign. You work all things together for the good of those who love You and are called according to Your purpose.

Thank You for perspective Lord.