Friday, August 16, 2013

Aria Stories

I just wanted to do a quick update on here. Who blogs on a Friday night when all the cool kids are out having a good time? I do. Earlier this evening I was working on our kitchen cabinets and before that I was dominating Dominion (it's a strategy card game) with my husband and father-in-law. Yes, I'm part of the dorky club. I'm totally fine with that.

We get to find out the gender of baby #3 tomorrow! I'm hoping to post a video, although I'm fasting from social media right now... maybe I'll have Ben post it. I don't know.

Obviously, I'm not fasting from blogging.

Our evening entertainment usually consists of watching the kids jump from the coffee table to the couch. I know this will eventually ruin the couches, but I'm kind of okay with that. So far, they haven't hurt themselves too badly. Another thing they like to do is stand on the armrest of the couch and fall onto the cushions. Aria is training early for the olympic gymnastics division. She loves it.

She really just loves anything physical. If you are laying on the ground, you are fair game as far as she's concerned. She will come up and tackle you and crawl across you. She will then grab your face and squeeze as hard as she can. She may punch you in the throat or hit you in the face, but it's all in love. Punching is her love language. I'm hoping she will grow out of that one.

She also loves to kiss and hug though. She's definitely the one who will sit in your lap and contentedly suck her thumb. The only time Levi cuddled was when he was sick. We were at the dentists office and while I was getting my teeth cleaned, she sat on my lap and just sucked her thumb, or she would lay on my chest and just cuddle. I love it. Also, a good way to distract her when she's upset is to ask her to give you as kiss. She goes from crying to puckering up in about 2 seconds. It's nice how easily kids at this age get distracted. I love to think of her mind as a little white board that just gets erased as soon as she sees something else of interest.

It's amazing to see her little personality come out more and more. She is determined. And independent. She doesn't care what others think, she will go about her business and you can join her if you want. Today I watched her go down the slide at the playground at least twenty times. I love seeing her little blond head twirl down the slide, and then around she goes again to climb the steps to slide again.

She's a 19 month old bundle of joy and love. Always changing, always growing. I'm so thankful for this precious little girl.


  1. I thought I commented earlier, but maybe it didn't go through. Must. Have. An. Update. :)

  2. YEAH! (: that's super great. P.S. YOU'RE PREGNANT!? WOOOOOH! (: