Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Letters to Littles

Just a few notes to my three precious children.

Dear Levi, 

You are the biggest helper a mother could ask for. I'm really sorry I tend to abuse that privilege, I will try not to in the future. You make me laugh hard and I wish I was half as cool as you are some days. You are going to grow up to be the most handsome boy on the block, but I pray that you never know it. I pray that you take risks, serve the Lord with all your heart and make Jesus the Lord of your life.

Dear Aria, 

You are a pistol. I quiet one, but a pistol nonetheless. I love how you quietly climb to the top of the couch then say, "watch dis" and proceed to launch yourself onto the floor. My feet hurt just from watching you. You have an awesome dimple in your chin, I pray you always love it because it makes you totally unique. You are hilarious and you are starting to realize it. You want to do everything by yourself until you realize you can't do it. then you are unashamed to yell out, "hep pees!" (help please). 
I honestly can't understand 2/3 of what you say, but it sure is cute how you say it. We definitely need to work on your articulation. I pray that you grow to become a woman of purity and strength. More than anything, I want you to know Jesus and fall deeply in love with him. He's the only one who can fill you. 

Dear Simeon,

You are an awesome baby. Thank you for being so chill. You look so much like Levi did at your age, I think you will be just as handsome as he is. I pray that you will be a man of honor and prayer. Know that your name means "God hears" may you be a man who cries out to God and believes that He hears you.

I love you all. I can't imagine my heart being any fuller. 

Your Mama

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