Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I don't have time to blog… I'm too tired to blog.

I just have to say that today I had an epiphany: Things never go the way you expect them to go. I just need to learn to expect the unexpected. Today Levi napped perfectly. This is the first time he has done so in WEEKS. However, Aria, I'm not sure if she even got a nap. I know that I fell asleep with her yelling in her crib and woke up an hour later to her yelling some more. I didn't go get her though, in hopes that maybe she would eventually fall asleep. Do you ever have days where your child has reached lunacy?

I tried to work everything out perfectly, but it just blew up in my face. Honestly, some afternoons I just want to curl up on the couch with a hot cup of coffee and a good book with the house beautifully quiet with the sound of three sleeping children. Go ahead my fellow moms, laugh. I'm laughing too, except it's more of a deranged laugh.

To be fair, the kids have been so good. (Naps are usually our hardest part of the day. Someone is usually telling me that they are not tired and don't need to nap when clearly, they are and they do.) Levi and Aria are playing together beautifully and this allows me to get things like laundry and dishes done.

I think we are going to take our first trip to the grocery store with the four of us tomorrow. We will see how that goes.

I digress. If you are still reading this post at this point, I am impressed. Thank you.

Lord, what do you want me to blog about?

I love the praise of man too much and I feel sometimes when I post that I am wanting to get more of that praise. "Wow Jody, you are so honest!" or "That's just what I was thinking." or when people tell me they are interested in "hearing my thoughts" it's like something goes off in me (in my flesh) that says, "Oo, am I interesting? Are my thoughts valuable? Do people like me?" I start to think about what I can do to get more people to read my blog or be cooler and then all my blogging dries up like a desert. Poof.

Lord, I want to honor You and glorify You with this. I keep picking it up again and again, seeking my own crowns and man's empty praise.

I give it to You.

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