Saturday, July 19, 2014

A New Phone

I sat down to do my normal Bible study and just felt like the Lord was telling me to write.

It was a rough night last night with Simeon. It took several tries to finally get him down (this often happens when he's overtired) and then several times throughout the night he would cry so I just brought him in bed and nursed him. Then I would wake up sometime later, put him back in bed and then he would cry later on and I would go get him again. All in all it makes for a confusing night and I'm not sure he needs to be fed so much.

Anyways, I wanted to blog about my phone and the loss and the restoration and all of that story.

After I posted a picture yesterday Ben told me I need to give credit where credit is due. :) Our friends, the Spena's gave us their iPhone 4S, (Ben had a plain old 4 that was on the brink) so Ben decided to up grade his phone and instead of giving me the 4S he gave me the 5S that he could have taken for himself. He would not have been able to do that without the gift from the Spena's though and we are so thankful for generous friends

He gave me the nicer phone because I take all the pictures and it has a nicer camera. I had just better be super diligent about not LOSING this one. Oh my gosh…

So many times when I look back at that fateful day of losing everything I just want to kick myself and be like, "You idiot!" I seriously lost hundreds of dollars worth of stuff that day. Gone. In the blink of an eye. … I can't even talk about this right now.

Lord, help me not to live inside of regret. It's a place that paralyzes me and flattens me down to nothing. Help me to just learn from my mistakes and move on. Help me to be diligent and mindful of where my stuff is and keeping track of it. Let me not be lazy as I am getting ready and help me to remember to put things in the right places when we get home.

Thank You for loving us and taking care of us even when we do stupid stuff.

Thank You for always providing in spite of our mistakes sometimes.

Thank You for letting us learn lessons and suffer consequences.

God, if there's anything I've learned in these past few weeks, it's that You are all sufficient. You are all that I need.

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