Wednesday, January 23, 2013

To Do Lists...

It makes me sad how little I have blogged lately. Resolution: blog more. Okay.

Today has felt overwhelming. The strange thing is that it's just like every other day in my life. Aria had a Dr appointment this morning for her one year well check. Turns out she has an ear infection again. I said something to Ben this morning that was... well, just not encouraging. I love it when I start out my day by tearing my husband down (says sarcastically). I think ever since then I have been plunging myself into guilt, trying to redeem myself somehow. Now that I think about it, that's just ridiculous.

How often does my mind just dwell on the negative? Lord, help me to take my thoughts captive.

I need to fold the laundry in the dryer.
I need to sweep the floor.
I need to make our bed.
I need to start packing for a trip to Kansas City this weekend... I'm a horrible horrible packer. Did I mention that I'm horrible at it? Something is always forgotten. I remember one short trip that we went on and I totally forgot to pack any pants for Ben and myself. So we both wore the same pair of pants for three days. Not that you can't do that, but we pretty much had no choice. I'm saying to myself... really?!

I need to do yoga.
I need to call a friend.
I need to read the Bible... I'm trying to read the Bible in ninety days. I think it's going to be more like a hundred and eighty days. Or more. I just finished Numbers this morning and it's only January 23rd, I should be proud right?! This is one of the reasons I have not blogged lately. But I'm totally okay with that. I haven't been on Facebook as much too, which is always a good thing.

For some reason all I want to do is stare into my pantry. This will, of course, get none of the things I need to do done.

Lord, I am crying out to You now. You are the multiplier of my time. You carry all my burdens. You give me strength even to do the little things. Help me not to be overwhelmed by what I can't do or don't want to do. Help me to know how much time to spend on each particular thing. Give me wisdom. Help me not to look to lesser things. Help me to focus. I surrender all these things and whatever else comes into my head to You today. Amen.

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