Thursday, January 31, 2013

End of January, it's been a good month.

Hello blog, it's good to see you again. The children are asleep and I have a few minutes. About 33 to be exact.

Here are some updates;

Bible Reading
So my 90 day Bible Reading Plan is going a little bit slower than it should but I literally have no guilt over that. I just finished Dueteromony and January is about to end. I'm kind of proud of that. The things that have stood out to me thus far:
God hates sin. We are sinful people. We cannot know the mind of God, His purposes and His plan may only make sense over a period of thousands of years. We are small. His laws are perfect and good and wise.
I love how God commands the Israelites to look after the widow, the orphan and the alien among them. I love it that He also commands them to lend freely to the poor. He tells them to not go over their fields twice so that they can be gleaned by the widow and orphan. It's like He's saying, "I've provided enough for you and enough for those around you. I want you to serve them and love them and my resources will never run out.

I honestly have a tendency to be tightfisted with my money. I've always been a saver. I'm trying to learn how to hold these earthly things with an open hand. Dueteromony 15:1-12 really hit me the other day. God says that he will bless you if you are generous. Lord, teach me to be generous so that I can be a conduit for Your wealth. Let it not stop with me.

I go back and forth with things being easy or difficult. This morning Levi would not leave me alone. All I wanted to do was clean the kitchen. I mean, really clean it. Aria was down for her nap and I could really get into things then. But at ever turn Levi was asking to watch a movie or to read a book, or for me to spin him on daddy's office chair... I would do it and then say, okay Levi, find something else to do, mommy is busy. Then he asked for some candy. I almost exploded. I texted Ben to let him know how good he had it. Then I went back into my room to get something, Levi followed of course. I saw a toy car on a table and started to play with it. I told Levi the car could not get off, he needed to go get his plane and rescue it. I tell you what, that was the key! Levi was soon occupied with the plane rescuing the car and proceeded to play with them for the next 30 mins. It was amazing.
Lord, help me to be creative and loving. Help me to foster Levi's creativity. Help me to know when to clean and when to just sit down with him and read a book or turn on some music and dance or when to have him help. Thank You for allowing me to clean my kitchen this morning. You are so good!

Aria is almost walking. I want her to walk but then I probably don't realize what she'll be into when she does. She has a passion for going outside. Every time the door opens she crawls like a maniac to break into the open air. Sorry little sister, it's too cold and you are going to majorly mess up your pants on the dirt out there. This is the reason why I want her to walk. I think her life will be just happier in general.

I honestly really love having two little kids. Yes, they fight and hit each other and throw soccer balls at each other's faces, but they are so much fun when they do get along. I love seeing them play together and enjoy each other. I'm amazed that God has allowed me to be their mother.
Lord, help me to be wise as I raise them. Please give me strength and courage. Thank You for a husband who is such a good father to them. I still cannot believe how much I am enjoying having a little family like this.

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