Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Levi Stories

Dear Levi,

You make my heart sing. Did you know that? I think you do. You act like you do.

You baffle me because you are such a performer and love being in the spotlight, but you still can be very shy sometimes. The other day I was walking along, looking at tomatoes in the grocery store, when the produce man laughed and said, "He's watchin' himself dance in the mirror!" I looked over and sure enough, there you were, dancing and looking up into the mirrors that hang over the produce. You had a sheepish look on your face, but I think you enjoyed the laugh.

You are enthusiastic about life. When you see our favorite grocer, Mister Roy, you run up to him and give him a fist knock (or whatever kind of greeting that's called). I'm loving teaching you how to interact with others and give them an enthusiastic greeting. I love how you bless them with your smile. More than anything, you get excited about Mimi and Papa Jerry. They come through our door and your little legs won't even move you are so entranced. You often simply squeal with delight. One time when we went to their house, you were so excited you couldn't open the glass door, you just saw Mimi and laughed with joy.

I love how excited you get over things. Things like sprinklers and fountains. The other day we were out by ourselves in the front yard with the sprinkler and you got so into it that you were yelling and running through the water. Aria and I just sat on the front porch and watched, it was so entertaining.

Recently, Daddy had surgery on his ankle to repair his torn achilles. The best part about it was the fact that someone loaned him a knee cart. You love to ask him if he wants to use his "crunches" instead of the "scooter" and if you could please ride it. In my opinion Daddy is very generous with his knee cart. One time you did leave him stranded though and he had to crawl from the back of the house to the front. We are working on thinking about other people's interests above our own. It's a hard concept, I know, I'm still working on it myself.

I'm also amazed at how aware of how "cool" you are. We went to Old Navy the other day and to get some sunglasses for you. The Avenger ones at Target just weren't cutting it. We found the glasses and a mirror to try them on. You put them on and immediately started dancing to whatever techno beat was playing in the store. That afternoon you wore them to the pool, walking in, you acted like you owned the place. You kind of looked like a 3 year old version of the Secret Service.

You are my cool, fun, enthusiastic, passionate, sweet little boy.

I love you Levi,


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