Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pregnancy again. :) part 15

I have thought about blogging so many times this week that I thought I already had... The brain plays funny tricks on you sometimes doesn't it?

We are on week 28. It's official today. 12 more weeks and then baby Aria will be here. Only 12, that doesn't sound like a lot, but it really kinda is.

This morning I was able to take a short walk. I realized I hadn't walked since last Friday and I wasn't walking nearly as much as I did with Levi. I think that's because it just takes more to go for a walk when you have an almost two year old running around. I have to get clothes on him, he has to cooperate in getting shoes or pants or whatever it is since it's not 80 degrees at 7 am in anymore. Then there is the battle of getting him into the stroller, the extra energy it takes to push a stroller (I am sooooo lame, yes, feel free to laugh at me, but it really makes a difference, I promise). Then when we come home he wants to play in the yard for a little while and ask to play in the hose even though the answer is ALWAYS "no" and then I have to get him to come inside. I have many choices in that arena, it's usually always a struggle. I can spank him, drag him, carry him, threaten him with a spanking (not very effective) bribe him... so really, walks are not this peaceful, relaxing thing anymore. It's fine if I don't have anything to do that day. I just let him do whatever, but this morning I needed to get in the shower and get dressed ... it's exhausting.

I just got a workbook about belly mapping. I kind of sort of looked through it the other day. It's sitting on my counter right now. I need to do that. I've been feeling kicks everywhere so I don't think she's gotten in position yet. I need to put aside my paranoia and just focus on learning about where she's at.

This past weekend was a tiny bit of a scare. Almost all day Friday I was nauseated and having some really firm contractions (not painful, but could feel my uterus tightening). I called my Dr (yes, I am resourceful and got his cell phone number from my father-in-law) now I know I can just call the emergency line my clinic offers. It didn't feel like an emergency, but it was something to be concerned about... I ended up going up to the hospital just to get on the monitors and measure Aria's heart rate or whatever. They were totally full. So full that a woman was in labor in the waiting room. Yikes. She was definitely having a hard contraction when we went by. I knew I wasn't going to be seen for a WHILE and thought I would be more comfortable at home anyways, so we went home and I just drank tons of water. That seemed to make things better. Then I threw up around 2 in the morning. That sucked. Saturday was just tiring and I did my best to just take it easy. I'm really thankful Ben was home and could help with Levi, I don't know what I would have done without him.

I think what I learned overall was that I was distracted on Friday and just forgot to drink and fill my water quota. Having a little one running around can be very distracting. So I am being very very concious about getting enough water in my days. I'm feeling much better :).

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