Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pregnancy again. :) part 16

Today I am 30 weeks. Mmmmm, that's a nice, even number, I like it. :) Ten more weeks to go. If she comes as early as Levi did I only have eight more. Eight weeks? Ten? That doesn't sound like very many. That's about 70 days. Okay, maybe that sounds like more.

I'm trying to figure out her kicks and wiggles. I'm praying she won't try to be breach. I think I've been feeling kicks down low the past few days, and she was breech at the Dr's office on Monday, I think. She still has some room to move, he said not to really be worried about it until I'm 34-36 weeks along. He also reminded me that babies can turn even in labor. (I don't think he said that to scare me, but to just encourage me). He was also all about me having a VBAC, (vaginal birth after cesarean), he said it would be better for me and for my baby. This is SO encouraging to hear at the Dr's office. Thank you Dr Simmons, it was the first time I got to meet you and you pretty much rocked. I'm just going to say the name of my clinic and OB on here in case anyone wants to know because I am such a fan of what they do and who they are. I go to Cornerstone and my official OB is Dr Singleton. I really decided I wanted to go there because I want to make every effort to have a successful VBAC as I can.

And now for my soapbox: If you are a new mother, expecting your first child and you have ANY reservations about your Dr, maybe he or she said something or did something that made you uncomfortable, maybe they want to "monitor you" for the whole labor (ie, make you wear belts that attach you to machines for the entire time you are at the hospital) maybe they laugh at your Birth Plan (if you don't know what that is, google it immediately please) I don't know, whatever it is, you need to remember something. YOU are the CUSTOMER. You are paying them and you can switch Dr's. I switched with Levi at 30 weeks. Granted, I didn't get into the clinic I really wanted to be in, but I got into a better clinic that was more natural childbirth friendly. I got with a Dr who wasn't going to try to control my birth. I'm just going to say this about the process too: it was easy. I didn't have to explain to my first OB why I didn't want her to be my Dr any more. I never saw her or her nurse, I just picked up my papers and took them to the new Dr.  It was not a big deal at all. I got my insurance switched over, it was all fine.

Now, I'm not saying we need to be all waffly and wavy from here to there and back again. But, if you are starting to feel reservations, I would get them checked out. Ask around about your Dr, ask people who had births like you want to have. Probably the best people to talk to are doulas. They are going to be the ones who have worked with every OB in your city, find the local natural childbirth classes and ask for a doula. I would just encourage you not to settle. Don't brush stuff under the rug if he or she makes a comment that makes you uncomfortable. If that's how it is for just a regular office visit, then what is it going to be like when you are in labor? A woman who is in labor needs as much support around her as possible. Not a Dr who is telling her she can't have this baby and will instill fear or make her feel vulnerable.

Whew, that's my soapbox. I've just had too many friends who didn't have good experiences and I want to warn others who might be going down that road. Be careful. Be watchful.

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