Thursday, May 31, 2012

Being a mom of two

Okay, so why have a blog if you're never going to post anything? That's what I keep asking myself these days. The main problem is that I have two kids now and I never want to blog while they are awake. It's very difficult to finish a thought when you get interrupted what feels like every couple of minutes. It's like an adult ADD. I was telling Ben the other day that I was just trying to chop up an onion and I kept getting pulled away (disciplining Levi, Aria crying, phone calls...) I could have sworn I came back to that stupid onion about 6 times. This thing still isn't cut up?!

I'm learning the power of focus and planning. I have to keep telling myself what I will that day. Vacuum the living room, vacuum the living room... I put it on my "to do" list and have to rip myself away from wanting to put in a load of laundry just so I can do what I planned on doing. Laundry in general should be done on Laundry Day, deep cleaning on Deep Cleaning Day. I was at my SIL's house the other day and saw on the door of her pantry a list of every meal (and snacks) for the next MONTH. It was super simple, but still, it was PLANNED. So many times I'm staring into the pantry at 11:30 (we haven't had snacks because we were too busy playing or cleaning or wandering around the house) and Levi is whining because he's starving and I'm wondering what the heck am I going to feed this kid?!

So I decided to do it. I wrote out a plan of everything we would eat through Sunday and put it on our fridge. So far, so good. I noticed that this morning seemed unusually stress free and I realized I have spent a lot of time and energy worrying (in the back of my mind usually and I don't even notice it) about what I would fix for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Aria is still sleeping TONS. I'm not sure if this is normal for an almost 5 month old, but she is usually only awake for 1-1.5 hours then has to go back down for a nap and then naps anywhere from 1-3 hours. On top of this she sleeps through the night... maybe 10-12 hours. It's crazy. I keep telling her that she is spoiling me, but she seems okay with that.

Oh yeah, for a little while I was running low on milk for her and we had to give her a bottle at night. I started taking Fenugreek (two capsules three times a day) and it amped up my supply. Now we don't need a bottle. I just wanted to testify that that stuff WORKS. I bought it at Whole Foods in the Prenatal Health section.

I gotta go, a friend is coming over to visit this afternoon and I am excited to see her. Gotta put some coffee on!

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  1. Jody,

    I'm going to have to start meal planning as well now that the grocery store isn't two blocks from the house. It was so easy to grab one or two things for the day, but now we're miles away and we'll have to be transporting a baby as well. Oh, meal planning! Keep us posted on how it works out for you. I'm going to write next week's meals out after I unpack, but first things first.

    Also, I'm glad you posted! I was just thinking I hadn't heard an update on your life in awhile and I always enjoy it.