Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Letters to Littles

Dear Aria,

Oh how the time has passed. You will be 11 months in just three days. I can't believe you are almost a year. Good times have flown by and that hard times have been a little slower. The amazing thing is that in just eleven short months you have gone from doing almost nothing for yourself to being able to feed yourself, crawl, get into so much, show preference for things and people, crawl as fast as you can away from diaper changes, cruise across the couch or coffee table, climb stairs (going down you're having a tougher time with) and just be the sweetest little baby around.

You smile easily, which I am thankful for. You smile the most for your Daddy. He told me that he will pass you as you are crawling. You will stop, lift up your hands as high as you can and reach for him. If he keeps going you put your hands down and just watch him. He comes back you stretch them up as high as you can once again. You love him. He loves you. This might be the most beautiful thing I have witnessed in my life.

We really need to get you some baby dolls. You love Levi's cars. You have figured out that they will go back and forth on the wood floor. You seem to sit and watch and take in how he is playing. The sad part is that he doesn't want you to join him just yet. He likes to have all ten matchbox cars while you have none. I'm very sorry, this is a selfishness that is born inside of all of us. You have it too. If you give your life to Christ someday, he will slowly root it out of you. He's the only way to get rid of it. I pray that you will give your whole life to Him someday. He has blessed your mommy and daddy so much. He has freed us from so much, I can't wait to tell you what He has done.

Something I have noticed about you is that you are very tactile. You like to touch and finger everything around you. You will always yank off my glasses when I nurse you. You grab my hair and my clothes and whatever else you can get your tiny fingers to touch. You love textures and surfaces much more than your brother did. I wonder if you will be good with working with your hands. Maybe you'll be an artist or a sculptor one day. You have such beautiful, delicate fingers, I hope you learn to play piano and maybe violin, they are perfect for things like that.

I love you my Aria, my little treasure,


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