Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pregnancy Update

This is just for the record. I don't necessarily have a title for this third pregnancy yet. I was thinking yesterday, I need to blog, but I can't think of what I want to call this thing and then I started to get overwhelmed and think, maybe my "series" are dumb and lame and maybe no one has ever told me that and here I am thinking I'm so clever and cool, and just everything got overwhelming. Goodness.

And then I realized, I just need to blog and let it be just a paragraph, an update and not worry about all that stuff right now.

So, here we go.

I'm twelve weeks, I'll be thirteen on the 4th. I'm starting to feel better in general. Praise the Lord! Second trimester is about here! I realized yesterday after the grocery store that I didn't want to gag the whole time. This is life-changing. You have no idea... unless you've been pregnant before.

I'm hungry like a crazy person. All weekend I kept asking Ben, "Are you hungry? Cause I am." His response was always no. I'm trying not to eat my face off. I just don't want to gain 50 pounds again... I probably need to continue to give up ice cream. I should also make sure that if I make cookies not to eat four or five in one sitting and make sure and give away the rest. I've been craving sour things.

I am wondering if this is another girl.

The Lord has blessed me with lots of energy. I honestly have no idea how I have kept the house running with meals on the table and the house being moderately clean. Two kids can make serious amounts of messes. Thankfully Levi is slowly learning how to help and do chores. I try to keep encouraging him and speaking life over the fact that I am proud that I have such a big helper. He THRIVES on encouragement.

Aria's been getting into more and more. I need to pick up the blanket training again. Jesus, help me. Also, help her to stay alive. That would be good.

There's my update! Much easier than I thought. Whew.

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