Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Aria Stories

Talking with some other young moms this morning about the difficulty of the 18 month to 2 1/2 age. What's tough about this age is the fact that they are curious and can do a lot of stuff, but it's very difficult for them to communicate what they want or need. They understand a lot and they are also very much developing a will and opinion. They just can't quite dialogue about it yet.

One mom said, "So what do you do?"

My response: write down the stories.

Here are a few Aria Stories. Just for the record.

Once we were in the grocery store and Aria had been wanting to get out of the cart the whole time. Big mistake ever letting a kid out of the cart, they will be asking themselves, "Why would I ever let mom put me in that thing again?" And it's all over from there. So FINALLY we get to the checkout (and it's been a big, long trip) and I decide, what's the harm? I'll get her out and let her stretch her legs. I am a complete idiot honestly. So I'm wedged between the grocery cart and the checkout and trying to load stuff onto the conveyer belt and keep an eye on my toddler and honestly, who knows where Levi is at this point? This is totally a dumb mom moment. After I'm halfway through my cart another grocery store worker comes up to me with Aria and asks "Is this yours?" Upon closer observation I see she is holding a glass bottle of BEER. Yep. The baby is mine. Maybe I need to buy that beer and take it home and drink it too. Or just go hide.

Yesterday I was doing school with Levi. Normally, its a good idea to just put Aria in her crib. As usual, the safest place for a 20 month old is a contained place. But we had been eating breakfast while doing school and then she wanted down and so I let her down, foolishly thinking that she would just push her grocery cart around quietly while we worked. Foolishly. After about 15 minutes I thought, Aria has been really quiet, I wonder where she is? The next thing I knew she came into the dining room proudly displaying her hands and legs that hard strange black marks on them. I thought, has been been playing with a sharpie? Nope, it was mascara. I went back into our bathroom and sure enough, she had smeared it into the off white carpet. Next time she is going in her crib.

She's going through a phase of opening and closing doors. Usually I will just hear a door opening and closing somewhere in the house. The good thing is that she has never hurt herself unless someone else was involved (most likely Levi) and happened to push it open or close it on her. My favorite thing is to get on the other side of the door and when she opens it to scare her. She loves it.

Her main words right now are "wook" (look) "no" and "huck" (hug) She especially loves to show her daddy her dress or hat or bow.

So, those are a few Aria stories to look back on, learn from and laugh at.

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