Monday, March 24, 2014

A Forced Rest

You know that you are too busy as a family when you all contract a stomach bug that takes you out for three days and when you are done you are like, "Wow, that was restful."

No seriously, I will spare you the gory details, but it pretty much took us one by one starting with Aria and ending with me. By Sunday we were pretty much all back to normal but we didn't go to church in case we were still contagious. Every time Levi asked where we were going we had to explain to him that we didn't want to get anyone else to get sick.

"I want to go to Mimi's house!"
"Levi, do you want Mimi to throw up like you did?"
"If we go to Mimi's house right now, she might get whatever we had and then she would throw up, that's why we can't go to Mimi's house."
"Oh, okay."

Honestly, we needed a break. Every night we were doing something. Every day we've been going somewhere and we all just needed a break. A chance to relax.

I've been thinking a lot about rest and Sabbaths lately. The last chapter of Jen's book 7 is about resting. I remember in my reading of the Bible in a year last year how many times God talked about breaking the Sabbath and how that was a sin. I was always like, seriously God? Is that really one of your ten commandments? It sounds kind of lame. Plus, don't you want us to work hard and do our work for You and all that? Not only did He command people to rest, but he also commanded it for the livestock and even to allow fields to rest and not to overwork the land. It's like He built something into the DNA of creation that needs to be able to stop and breathe. It's like He's a fan of this whole "resting" thing.

I've decided I'm a fan too.

Especially after this weekend.

It was a time to stop and do nothing all day. Honestly, I cleaned a lot on Friday, I was sick on Saturday (sat around and did nothing except puke) and Sunday was just a day to rest. We went on a walk, we had a time of family worship, Ben and I got up early and read the Word… I didn't even take a shower. (since I had taken one the night before after being sick all day.) We watched a few movies and some television shows online which I didn't feel guilty about AT ALL. I have decided that I just can't do TV that involves sex. Seriously people, that's like every TV show out there. (exasperated sigh) I really wanted to get into the show Parenthood and I really would like it, but there is so much sex in it. I can't do it. I talk to too many girls who do that stuff and wind up with unwanted pregnancies, I feel like it's all just a big fat lie that we swallow whole.

Okay, that was really a tangent. Sorry about that.

This is going to sound really weird. But I have felt the need to allow my body to rest from certain things as well. I'm going to try to spend at least one day a week without wearing makeup. I have been cutting WAY back on shampooing my hair and I'm now down to about once every two weeks. I don't wear deodorant some days … on purpose. I know, I'm a weirdo. But honestly, it's made my hair more cooperative, my skin feels better, I don't break out under my armpits (I know, I'm a freak) as much. I feel like we as Americans do too much to our bodies. We don't allow maybe what God intended to help us exist. I'm not totally sure and I'm not a doctor or scientist. I just do what seems right to me.


Right now I'm praying about what it would look like for our family to make sure and have a sabbath each week. This is my responsibility since I'm the mom and Ben usually just asks what we are doing this week. I'm kind of the calendar keeper I guess. The problem is I'm not a good planner. I like to go wherever the wind takes me. Blog? In the middle of folding laundry? Why, of course, let me just fix myself a cup of coffee and leave this basket half folded since this is prime time to blog while (holy moly) all three children are asleep. I don't plan much. I don't plan well.

Jesus, I need You. You are our life-giver. You are the Vine and we are the branches. Help us to abide in You. Okay, I surrender this area of rest/schedules/busyness over to You. Please teach me to rest. You said that the sabbath was made for us. You took seasons of rest. You obeyed the law perfectly. Help Ben and me to instigate rest in our household. That way we can go out and do more work for You and do our work well.

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