Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pregnancy again. :) part 17

I don't mean to complain... I don't want to complain...

Can I just say that sometimes I hate maternity clothes? :) Maybe I just hate how your body is constantly changing. That shirt fit last week, it doesn't fit this week. It's the slow transformation of pregnancy. There's the first trimester where your belly starts to get sensitive and you don't want to wear jeans, or at least not buttoned jeans, then there's the second trimester where you are getting a bit bigger, but not big enough to actually hold up maternity jeans, your shirts are either getting stretched out or being just tossed to the side because they won't fit any more. Then there's the third trimester. I shouldn't complain because at least I'm not having to live through this time during the summer. I have much respect for women who have babies born in June-September. Wow. I guess the hardest part about clothing in the third trimester is that you are just tired of the same four shirts. You're tired of the maternity pants constantly riding down. You're just tired. I'm tired.

That was my complaining rant. I am sorry you had to hear that, but it is the truth. I'm wondering if I just bought my jeans too big, or are all maternity jeans supposed to ride down? Maybe I need to just wear dresses... but then won't my legs get cold? What about the shoes you are supposed to wear with dresses? I never know what kind of shoes I can wear with them. I need to get new shoes... not to wear with dresses, but just to wear. Mine are getting pretty worn out and are starting to get on my nerves (like when the lining is rubbing on a part of your foot and it drives you crazy).  All I want are some shoes that are comfortable and that look good with anything I wear. Are those kind of shoes out there? I don't even know. I have super high arches, so that always poses a problem. Most of the time I just get in-soles.

I've been seeing a chiropractor and I love it. My headaches are starting to go away, and I think my back pain has lessened. I think I would do this all the time if it weren't so expensive. We are doing it now because if I have everything in line it should help me with my VBAC.

I will be 31 weeks tomorrow. I can't believe it. About 9 weeks left. :)

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  1. My maternity jeans are always falling down and it drives me crazy. It's not just you.