Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pregnancy again. :) part 27

I am officially 39 weeks. It's 3:22 in the morning and I'm 39 weeks. On the 29th of December. If Aria decided to be born today she would have the same day of the month as Ben's birthday in November and our wedding anniversary in March. I think she's going to be one to make her own way though. :)

I had to get up and eat something. I think I could have gone back to sleep were it not for the gnawing my stomach. I will be very excited when I can JUST sleep. A lot of moms out there are laughing right now.

I feel like I have remained pretty physically fit. I've been forced to be more on top of things here at the end, making sure I am getting exercise, resting, doing yoga, trying not to eat too many sweets (very very difficult during the holiday season, not cool.) I think that has helped contribute to the fact that I'm okay with where I am. I was walking the other day and yeah, my pelvis was kind of hurting, it wasn't the easiest thing to breathe, but I was just thinking about how "used" to being pregnant I am. I feel like I have been pregnant forever. This lends itself to the feeling that you WILL be pregnant forever. I kind of feel like this is an okay mindset for now. I think if I look so forward to getting her out of me that the days will drag by, I just need to keep chugging along, praying, enjoying life, enjoying my family, enjoying my husband (while I still can) because a new baby is coming and she is about to be completely dependent on me in every way.

I remember being surprised at how much I was just needed by Levi. Even when he didn't technically need me I still felt the responsibility for him. I was still recovering from the surgery and that was difficult and took a toll on my body. I wonder what it will be like to recover from a vaginal birth. I have heard horror stories and I have also heard awesome stories. I'm assuming each woman is different. I am also going to assume that it depends on how fit you were during your pregnancy... maybe how much you exercised and ate right, how well your baby was positioned and how smoothly your labor went.

I'm praying that all this yoga, chiropractic work, pelvic rocks, squats, passing up sweets, drinking lots of water, eating lots of fiber, relaxation exercises will pay off.

We shall see :)

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