Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pregnancy again. :) part 28

Aria refused to be a tax deduction this year. Mom said Ben needs to get used to it because girls are just more expensive in general :)... also, she's probably going to be late for the rest of her life. But really, she's not late, Levi was just early and the problem with all these last weeks is that the baby could come at "any time" so really, you are waiting for like a month before the baby actually comes. I guess that's okay though because I feel much more prepared for Aria's birth than I felt for Levi. Maybe I just needed those extra two weeks.

We had chili dogs tonight for dinner, I had a few pretty good contractions, but my body has pretty much calmed down by now. I'm praying it will open up perfectly when everything is ready.

To do before Aria is born: potty train Levi. Haha! I think Levi definitely knows when he is going to poop and if he doesn't have a diaper on he will ask for one... This week I'm hoping to have him without a diaper on as much as possible. It will be sort of a last-ditch effort in that arena. I won't be messed up if he's still wearing a diaper when she's born. I'm trying to just take everything in stride.

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