Friday, December 2, 2011

Pregnancy again. :) part 21

Sickness. I hate being sick. I hate colds, just the runny nose, the way they drag on and on, the sore throat, the achy feeling...

Over Thanksgiving we encountered a lot of sickness. Levi got croup, my sister in laws kids had pneumonia and an ear infection. There was just green snot all over the place. I did pretty well not to get any of it, try to wash my hands a lot and so forth. When we got back I was less careful with Levi. I figured I hadn't contracted what he had yet and I had shared a few drinks with him and so it didn't matter. Well, around Wednesday I started to feel my throat get scratchy... not cool. I've been pumping the vitamin C, trying to stay away from sugar, get rest, using lavender to help open up my sinuses (I so need to post about what I am learning about essential oils, they are AMAZING), yesterday I put on some medicated chest rub around my throat... it's weird though because my neck started aching. It's mainly the back of my neck. I can barely hold up my head without some pain. I keep stretching it and Ben rubbed it last night, I just don't know what is wrong. I think it is muscular, but I might call my chiropractor again just to see if he can fix it. (You can read about how he fixed my rib here).

I'm wondering if I have some swollen glands and that is what is causing it. Maybe it's because I am constantly leaning forward. I have to lean over to wash the dishes, do the laundry, even just walking around I feel like I have this huge weight out in front of me. This is true though, I DO have a weight in front of me.

All the aches and pains of pregnancy are starting to get to me. I feel like they are God's way of motivating the mother to PUSH her baby out. Ha ha! Seriously though, I am really starting to get ready for this whole birthing thing. Nothing can truly prepare you for it because you have no idea what kind of pain it will be for sure. I know what early labor feels like, but I have not yet been through several hours of labor and transition and actually birthing naturally. I feel like with the C section I took some kind of weird short cut and skipped all of that. It wasn't personal, it wasn't victorious, it was just surgery and he was out. I am so thankful for the medical technology available, don't get me wrong, but I am also praying that we won't have to use it this time around. I remember my sister in law telling me how cool it was to actually FEEL her baby come out of her body and what an experience that was. She had a VBAC too with her second child. I'm hoping our stories will be similar. :)

Lord, please heal me. Help me to know what to do with all of this neck stuff. Help it not to effect my attitude, help me to be a good mom to my little boy today.

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