Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Being a mom of two part 2

Each day is a new adventure with new quandaries, new things to learn. Sometimes being a mom is really hard. It's difficult to stay home and discipline all day long. It's difficult to hang out with a two year old who isn't able to converse just yet. It's difficult when he is trying to communicate something that he wants to do and you don't want him to do it. When he doesn't know his needs, just his wants...

He makes Aria feel like a breeze.

All I really have to do with her is nurse her, change her, burp her, snuggle her and then put her back to bed... every couple of hours. Yes, she cries and sometimes I just have to walk out of the room and let her cry herself to sleep, but really, she is nothing.

I love Levi. I just want to be clear on that. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I love him. When he is disobeying for the same thing that I've already spanked him for ten times I have to remind myself that I love him.

He can be very frustrating sometimes. Today it was kind of non-stop movement. It's all right there under my feet too. I'm trying to fix an egg and he is right there, attacking the butter with the knife. I am trying to wash the dishes and he is right there dipping a mug he found into the dishwater and DRINKING it! Yuck!!! I pretty much screamed at that one. He has also drank out of a puddle in a parking lot before... this kid is going to have a killer immune system if he survives. He wants to drink my coffee, he wants to be right there while I'm trying to nurse Aria, today he (I don't know if it was accidental or not) kicked her in the head. I went ahead and spanked him because we do not kick people. I have explained to him over and over that we can kick balls but we do not kick people.

In all of this he can have the most brilliant moments. Today he started singing part of Jesus Loves Me, he has never done that before. He only sang "For da Bible tells... me... so!" over and over, but it was still Jesus Loves Me  in my book :).

I finally bit the bullet this morning when I was changing yet another poopy diaper and his bottom was so red with a rash. He couldn't walk without crying yesterday because of the rash. After I saw this I said, "No more diapers, that's it Levi." I was so tired of it, I thought, I will clean up anything as long as it's not his red, hurting little bottom. There were several times when he asked for a Pull Up, but I stood strong and didn't give it to him. I even put him down for his nap without a Pull Up. I have done that before and that's when he took the opportunity to poop in it. This time I decided I could clean it up. His mattress is covered in plastic anyways.

We had the most pees on the potty today than... maybe ever. We also had one poop on the floor. He ended up not sleeping for his nap. I realized around 3 that he never really got that great of a lunch, so I just got him up and we fixed green smoothies. He had one poop on the floor but thankfully it wasn't that hard for me to clean up.

Well, I am very tired from a very loooong day. (I really hope Levi doesn't drop his nap soon.)

I'm going to go to bed now.

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