Monday, February 6, 2012

Losing Pregnancy Weight part 5

I was sick all week. That's why I didn't post anything... sorry about that. I hate being sick. I realized that I always get really depressed when I'm sick because I can't do anything or see anyone and it feels like it will never end. On top of that I was awake a lot at night from coughing, not so much my three week old daughter, but from hacking up my lungs and throat. Not cool.

I'm better now.

I talked to a sweet friend on Sunday. I just found out last week that she is pregnant and she's all of 21 weeks. That's when you wish you were a better friend. It's her first baby and she's full figured so I couldn't tell by looking at her so much. We were talking about how she had only gained six pounds... six pounds at 21 weeks!! That was awesome. I was kind of like that with Levi. I would only gain a pound or two each month and then put on a little more at the end. I had been a little heavier when I got pregnant with him so it was almost like the weight just redistributed itself. I felt like my face got thinner and my belly got bigger. Then when it came time to lose the weight I lost all of it fairly quickly and then just kept losing weight. It was awesome.

I'm going to take a moment here and talk to any pregnant girls who are reading this right now. I know you are interested in how these pounds will come off, I know you are scared because you have heard horror stories about women just gaining and gaining and then it never comes off... I just want to encourage you right now to just TRY. You don't have to be perfect, you don't have to be amazing, but, you do need to try. You don't have to walk 5 miles every day. Just walk around the block. You don't have to forgo dessert for the rest of this pregnancy, just forgo it tonight, choose healthy today. That's all. Don't get overwhelmed and think, how am I going to keep from gaining 60 pounds with this baby? Just think, "I am eating for two, yes, but I am eating for a grown woman and just a little baby. I want to give my baby the best, I want him or her to have strong bones and a good heart. My eating and exercise is no longer about me."
Know that whatever you don't gain on this side of your baby coming, you won't have to lose later. On the other extreme, know that you will probably have to gain some kind of weight, especially if you were at a healthy weight before you got pregnant. If you are overweight I have heard of a girl who didn't gain any weight during her pregnancy (my doctor's nurse told me about her after we discussed the fact that I had gained 50 pounds:)), so I guess it's possible. Mainly I just want to encourage you to take care of yourself. Eat if you are hungry, stop when you are full. Make wise choices. Get some kind of exercise, every day if you can, or just a few days a week.

I know for the next time I get pregnant (yes, I do want to have another baby in the Lord's timing) I want to be healthier than I was with Aria.

A word about clothes (to the non-preggers)... about two weeks after Aria was born I couldn't wear my maternity jeans anymore. Mine are the kind that go all the way up over your belly, they look kind of like this (except I didn't pay 88 bucks for them). They are great for when you are huge and pregnant and in the winter time, but once you don't have a belly to hold them up they don't work any more. So instead of constantly trying to pull up old maternity jeans or being depressed about not being able to fit into my "skinny" jeans I decided to go out and buy one pair that I would actually feel good in. I paid $35 for some jeans at Khols. Dark so that I could dress them up or down if I wanted and also because dark jeans are slimming. I say this to encourage any woman who has just had a baby to find some clothes that she can wear in that transition period, those months until you get back to your regular size. Just something to get you by until you can lose the rest. And then KEEP them. :) I'm thankful I didn't throw out all of my clothes from when I was overweight because there are some shirts that I'm digging out of boxes that I can actually wear and they don't fit me like a sausage link.

It's important in this transition to feel good about how you look, get clothes you are comfortable in and don't frustrate you. My attitude tends to plummet when I hate the clothes I have on. Now, I definitely wear my sweat pants/yoga pants and t-shirts at home when I'm with my kids and just doing house work, but it helps to have something I can get out of the house in. The mindset is to just have enough to get by, nice but not designer clothes. :) Save the designer for when you are at a size you feel like you can maintain. :)

And that's my blog for today. No updates on how much weight I've lost so far... no list of what I've eaten... except that I figured out that I can't eat salads for a little while, they are giving Aria gas. Eventually that will not be a problem, it's just difficult when you have only been eating for a few weeks to digest all the different foods we eat at adults.

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