Monday, February 13, 2012

Losing Pregnancy Weight part 6

It's snowing. I should be having my quiet time right now but all I can do is complain. I literally opened my journal and started writing complaints to God... and then I thought, "Jody, your heart is in the wrong place, what are you doing?"

Lord, please turn my heart towards You. I don't want a complaining heart, I hate my sin, help me to give thanks in ALL things.

The snow reminds me of the winter that Levi was born. He was born in November of 2009 and if you were in Arkansas in January and February of 2010 you might remember when it snowed like 12 times in two months. I remember I was finally okay-ed to be able to exercise after my six week check up and I was anxious to get out walking again. All of the sudden it was like the North Pole just dumped on us. There was no way I could take my eight week old baby out in that stuff. I was so frustrated.

Another thing I realized as I watched the snow is that it doesn't necessarily bring back happy memories for me. I'm going to be really transparent here and say what I usually do on snow days... I usually just sit around and watch TV and eat. Now, this might be enjoyable while you are doing it, but after a day of eating... Oh yeah, and this isn't good, healthy food, this is usually junk food.  It just ends up being a day of regret. I remember doing this in high school, in college... I don't know, something about being cooped up all day. My husband always gets excited for snow days because he gets off of work and I just never really realized why I don't get excited about them until now. It's not until I sit down and write all this out. ... This is like a therapy session or something... I guess you guys are like my therapist. Thanks.

I think I need redemption in this area.

I think I need to redeem this snow day. This yucky weather snow day... Lord, help me. I cannot redeem it without You. On my own I will just want to go back to my old habits, please put something new in my heart.  Please guide me and direct me today.

So I guess I can make a plan for this snow day. I can make a list of things I want to do today that would be healthy and give me a better outlook.
-Listen to worship music
-Listen to Revive Our Hearts podcast
-Make sure and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables
-Play blocks with my son and just enjoy him
-Do some sit ups, and push ups, walk in place just to keep moving and get my blood pumping (that always helps my mood)

Okay, those are my plans. Proverbs says "Man makes his plans but the Lord directs his steps." So I will be open to whatever the Lord leads, but for now these are the steps I will take :)

I'll try to post and let you know how it went.

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