Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Being A Mom Of Two

A blog post? Right, like I have time for that.

Really, I do have time, it's just am I going to choose to post on my blog or am I going to peruse the internet while my children nap?

I shouldn't be posting that they are napping right now because at this moment Aria is still settling herself down in her crib and Levi is on hour two of his nap so at any time I may have to cut this short because of awake babies. This is my life.

Chaos. Controlled chaos, kind of. Today after visiting with friends we came home to what I thought would be a relatively routine nap time. Levi was exhausted while we were there. He was sitting in my lap, cuddling with me almost the whole last hour, he was tired for sure. But we were waiting to go home because Aria was taking a late nap. My goal is (let me emphasize goal) to have Aria nap at 9 and 1 and then she might take a late nap again at 4 or 5 or 6, that one is pretty flexible and sometimes can even be dropped if we are out. Today she didn't nap until 11 and then of course was up at 1 which is when Levi goes to bed. The goal is that they would nap at the same time! Today we did not accomplish our goals.

As a matter of fact it took me about an hour and a half to get Levi to take his much needed nap today. You know those days when you feel like yelling out to the world that you just had the hardest day of your life? It's all I can do to restrain from posting on facebook about it. Seriously.

The good part is that because it took Levi for-ev-er to go down Aria actually ended up going down again before he went to sleep which allowed me to have some time. So, I mopped. Maybe I should have napped since she and I were up at 2 and 5 this morning, but really my floor was pretty stinking bad and I don't remember the last time I have mopped. I usually listen to podcasts while I mop which I think makes me slower because I am so careful to listen. One of my new favorites is Planet Money on NPR. This is the weird part: I am a conservative. I don't agree with their philosophy on money and borrowing and how the government should provide jobs and all that stuff, but I still love to listen to it. Sometimes I yell at them in my head and I insert my opinion but I never really do anything about it. Maybe I will someday.

I have been struggling a lot with meal planning lately. I want to plan my meals so badly, but at the same time I HATE planning meals. (I was really trying not to capitalize on this post, but I think I just blew it. I am not a good blogger... I promise.)  Hate. Maybe it's the thought of trying to save money or the thought of trying to have variety. I don't know, it's just something I'm not finding a lot of joy in lately. I need to figure that one out.

A book I am reading that I highly recommend if you are wanting to start figuring out traditions for your family is: Treasuring God in Your Traditions by Noel Piper
Another podcast I have been enjoying: Entre Leadership, it's about being a leader and is primarily geared toward small business owners but I am getting a lot out of it as a mom because I think that a family is a type of small business. :)

Wow, did I really make it through a whole post? I can't even believe that my kids are still asleep right now. 

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