Monday, July 2, 2012

A Bible Study for Young Moms (introduction)

Hi, my name is Jody and I am honest to a fault. I give unsolicited advice. I struggle with parenting other people's children.  I also struggle with anger at my two year old, or maybe we should call it rage when he will not stay in his bed after the third time I have walked him back to his room and told him to STAY IN BED (sometimes spankings are involved) and all I really want to do is sit on the couch and enjoy the silence of the house. I struggle with cutting words to my husband and sometime about my husband. I struggle with pride. I struggle with eating my face off when I'm stressed, bored or depressed. I struggle with wanting to look beautiful and feeling like my arms and legs are never skinny enough and my post pregnancy belly will never look like the ones in magazines.

I am a judger, a manipulater and exaggerater. I am a struggler with sin.

My days are crammed with interruptions. You can walk through my house and find half-done chores, half put-away laundry and some started project. If I finish something or follow through it is a HUGE accomplishment.

The beauty is that I am saved BY GRACE. I get to look at the top half of this post and say it is covered by the blood of Jesus. It is by His wounds that I have been redeemed and I am healed. Yes, I will still struggle with sin for as long as I am bound by this flesh but because of God's love and mercy I get to become His child. See Romans 8 for more details on THAT.

I don't know much about mommy-ing yet. I have only had two and a half years experience. What I do have is a love for the Word of God. I love how it speaks I love to study it and apply it to my life.
Reading the Word yesterday I was led to start a new series on my blog about being a mom and how to apply what I am reading to where I am at the in Word. This new place in my life has caused me to find things in the Word that I have never found before.

My desire is to share that.

So here is my new series.

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  1. Jody, I love how you can see all your faults as covered by the blood of Jesus. I have a lot of similar struggles and I also struggle with accepting the forgiveness that is offered so freely to me for all of them. Rather than allowing my faults to draw me closer to Jesus I let them get me down and push me away. My prayer is that I will stop focusing so much on all the times I mess up and sin and allow the healing blood of Jesus to wash over me!