Friday, March 8, 2013

Levi Stories

The other day Levi hit Aria. This is not an unusual occurrence, I can usually count on it several times an hour. Still, I told him to go into his room and think about how to treat her gently. He ran in crying and suddenly I heard his cries through the air conditioning vent in Aria's room.

:: side note ::
Sometimes you do things in parenting that you KNOW you should not be doing. You know in that moment, this is going to cost you in your disciplining. This was one of those times, so please do not judge the following with the thought, "is this how she parents?!"

Okay, so I had this sudden idea. I went over to the vent and spoke in my lowest, deepest, longest tone, "LEVI." (it's a good thing I've had all my vocal training all these years, it certainly comes in handy in these situations.)

Silence on the other end. I do it again. This time he says, "who is that?" I tell him it's the voice from below in as daunting of voice as possible. Thankfully we've never watched scary movies or anything like that so he has no reference for the fact that this should be scary. I tell him in my deep deep voice not to hit his sister. He says, "what's yer name?" I say, "Aria." He laughs and says "No yer not! Is yer name Jody?' I tell him my name is Fred, he still doesn't believe me. I tell him I'm Daddy and he still insists that I'm Jody. Aria is laughing and squealing next to me, doesn't she know she's giving away my location?!

The hitting is long forgotten by this time and we are in a battle of names. I finally leave my post and go next door to his room and he says, "You were down there!" I thought, this is totally awesome. He thinks I was in the air conditioning vent. He probably thinks I'm super mom or something.

Other bits and pieces:
- Levi's imaginary friend is Elmo. Elmo is also a she. She is about two feet tall, plays the guitar and accompanies Levi when he plays the harmonica. He told me he wants me to drop him and Elmo off at church so that they can play music and everyone can dance. He came up with this idea on his own.
- I'm teaching Levi how to approach someone and ask if he can play for them, complete with a bow at the end. It makes my heart completely happy.
- He's always asking who's coming over or where are we going? He's definitely a people person.

Oh my Levi, I love your stories. I love YOU!


  1. That is hilarious! I love it! I'm going to have to remember that discipline technique. :)

    1. Oh yes Marcie, it was a proud moment in parenting technique. I'm sure Paul David Tripp would be horrified! :)