Monday, April 8, 2013

Letters to Littles

Aria Dawn is 15 months today. So, why not write her a letter?

Dear Aria,

Oh my what a mover you are! Today I watched you quietly toddle all around the playground. Levi was running around with his friend and you would follow at times and other times you would wander through the grass. I think you can be pretty independent, but like me, you like to get in on the action sometimes.

You are a hugger. I'll be walking around the house, picking things up, carrying laundry, making the beds and you will walk into the room, squeal and grab my legs. I finally realized that you just wanted a hug. We hugged for a minute and then you moved on. It was like you just needed a fix, so you found me. I love it. You are also good at sitting quietly in laps, especially your daddy's. I love seeing you, just sitting in his lap with your thumb in your mouth. It's as though you always belonged there. Now, sometimes you don't want to be held and you are good at lifting your arms and squirming out, but most of the time you are pretty content to sit.

I have to watch out whenever I lay down on the floor. As soon as you see me laying there you squeal with delight and run towards me. You fall on me with your soft, round belly. It's like a sweet little girl tackle. I kind of love it.

I'm amazed at how loud you scream sometimes. We're trying to discourage it right now, but for some reason, I think you will be quite the singer someday. :)

You love your Levi. He calls you "My Aria Baby" and looks out for you when it's convenient. This morning he accidentally hurt you. You were crying and upset, but as soon as he tenderly hugged you, you calmed down. It was like that was all you needed, just a hug and it was all better. I'm thankful sometimes that your memory is so short.

You're getting pickier with your food choices. You've started spitting food out and we've had to sternly tell you "no." It's difficult because you are so hurt by our stern words that we have to comfort you afterwards. I am learning that you are very sensitive. I'm sure later that will work for the better. I pray that you will be sensitive to the Spirit of God and His leanings in your heart.

Every time we go shopping you want to get down from the cart and on days that we are not hurrying I will let you walk alongside. People stop and say, "Look at that cute little baby toddling!" Just so you know, you are a cutie. In my heart I'm bursting with pride. I'm also very impressed that most of the time when I say not to touch something you obey. I'm not sure if you are just an obedient little girl or if you just haven't figured out that you could disobey. We will see.

My Aria, you are sweet, you are tender. You are lovely. You have a gracefulness about you that surprises me sometimes, I think it's the way you hold your hands, or your perfect posture, I don't know, someone said they could picture you being a ballerina someday. I could picture it too. Thank you for showing me the beauty of God. Every time I look at you I'm amazed. Your eyes and your big, juicy cheeks and your dimple on your chin that is so uniquely yours. I just want to sit here and cry thinking about how specifically God made you. I look forward to the years ahead of watching you grow.

You are my precious girl.



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