Tuesday, April 2, 2013

This Happened Today

Ah, a moment of peace.

Last night Aria threw up. A lot. Some on me. There were about 6 separate instances that we counted. Don't get any ideas like we were up all night, this all happened within maybe an hour and a half. But we did end up changing her sheets a few times, went through several sets of clothing and by her last two times of puking I was able to hold her over the toilet and not get any on her or me.

I'm sure you really wanted to know all that. I'm so sorry.

This is what life is as a mom. These are your badges of honor, your initiation into being a hardcore mama. I am thankful I have such a strong stomach because honestly, it's pretty tough to comfort a little baby who smells like vomit. But she needed it. So I did it. It's just what you do.

Okay, enough of that. We were able to sleep the rest of the way through the night and the kids didn't wake up until 7 or so.

I haven't had a shower yet today. In theory, I'd love to have a shower, but honestly I'm just too tired. Also, I have better things to do like fold mountains of laundry and do yoga and blog... of course. Also, if you don't shower it makes you feel that much more hardcore. I finally got around to brushing my teeth around noon.

More than anything, the kids have just been needy today. Levi kept asking me to go outside and play baseball with him and Aria just kept crying at my feet. She has a tendency to grab my shirt of pants and just hang. We've got to stop this habit Aria, it's not helping the state of my wardrobe.

We did things like vacuum up the dried peas all over the floor from Levi's play construction. I refolded the laundry on the couch a couple of times (note to self: do not fold laundry on the couch, it will be thrown across the room). We made out homemade laundry soap. I rinsed all the clothes and sheets that were messed up last night, you know, just to get the chunks out. (Again, I'm sorry, I've become so immune to these things, it's only really funny to me now... and like I said, a badge of honor). We read some books. We went outside. We took more baths. We are lunch and finally the kids are asleep. Who knows how long this will last, but I will be thankful for any kind of peace.

This is the kind of day that is just hard... and long.

Lord, help me to know that these days, even though they feel long, are passing quickly by. I pray that I would be humble in heart as I walk with You and teach my children and just love on them in general. Thank You that You are near.

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