Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Life with Levi

I think I have finally caught Levi's cold. I thought maybe this time I could be immune. Seriously though, it's almost impossible to not eat or drink after him or let him get in my face and try to kiss me with his fish face little lips... I hate colds. I hate how I feel when I'm getting that first sign of a sore throat. The very worst thing about Levi having one is aspirating his nose. That is the worst. I literally have to lay on top of him as he is screaming and suck the snot out with the aspirator. I usually get tons of snot and it's highly effective, but I hate it.

Some things he has been doing lately that I LOVE:
- repeating words as we read books to him
- actually sitting still as we read
- putting his hands up in the air and looking at me when he doesn't know where something is.
- randomly calling out "Cars?!" and then we have to go find them so he can play with them.

Something we need to work on:
-swallowing his food even when he doesn't like it, not spitting it out

So that's been life with my Levi lately.

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