Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pregnancy again. :) part 10

A cool front has come in and it feels AMAZING. I realized today that I was so used to the hot weather that I brace myself when I step out of the door, and today I was yet again pleasantly surprised and refreshed.

I'm still doing my prenatal yoga, the other day I made it through the whole 50 minute video because Levi for some reason slept until 8:45... I KNOW! Lots of you young moms are jealous of me right now. Usually he sleeps until about 6:30 or 7 but we try not to get him out of his crib until 7 so that maybe his little internal clock would register to sleep that late.

Today I did yoga with Levi. It's good that I have the moves memorized because his little head is usually in the middle of the screen. My favorite part is when he tries to do the poses. My deep breathing is often interrupted by laughter, which eggs him on... I don't even care about the breathing at that point. I guess I could get frustrated that he is interrupting things and they aren't going perfectly for my yoga session, or frustrated when he poops in his diaper halfway through it, frustrated that he wants to poke the screen and the ladies faces... but I think life is too short for that. Why not just laugh and think, "I'm so glad I have a little boy to enjoy." Why not?

I was thinking about how pregnancy is this big, LONG preparation. You are preparing your mind, your house, your body for birth, you are waiting and anticipating, you are working out and eating right (as right as you can, or are trying at least...) going to the Dr, they are weighing you, everything is like this big anticipation. Everyone asks you when you are due, you have to say it thousands upon thousands... I think the only people who remember due dates are expecting parents. I can't seem to remember other people's due dates to save my life. I am counting how many weeks I am. I keep forgetting that to the common person they may have no idea what it means to be 22 and 1/2 weeks and how that's a little more than halfway done.

I think I'm just not patient enough. I want to hurry the process along, I don't want to have to prepare and do tons of walks and yoga sessions and keep watching what I'm eating and drinking (wishing I could have more than one cup of coffee a day) and whether or not I can sleep on my back or my stomach...

Aria, please come soon. I'm sorry I'm such an impatient mother. Maybe this is a good thing for me to learn so that I will be patient with you someday. Sigh.

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