Monday, March 12, 2012

Losing pregnancy weight part 10

I am going to make an argument against "comfort food" ... this argument is me talking to myself. Just so you know.

Okay, a lot of times I go to food to feel better. Ice cream tastes good and so do cookies. Sweet or salty, whatever it is, seems to momentarily make all my problems disappear. The problem with this is that it's momentary. :) Okay, so last night I was reading, folding laundry, then listening to a podcast, doing odd jobs. Ben was playing a game with some friends that were over and they were talking about eating some ice cream. I thought, "yeah, I want some ice cream, I deserve ice cream, I have been so productive, I have been pretty good in the eating department, yeah, totally." Then I had the thought, "how would ice cream make me feel as I go to bed tonight?" Not good. I have had that feeling many many times and it has never been like, "oh, I am soooo glad I ate that." Do I want to sacrifice my sleep for this late night treat? Is it worth that much to me that I would sacrifice a good night's sleep? That would affect my day tomorrow?

I have been thinking about how much food affects my mood. I think the reason is that when we put good things into our bodies we are more able to cope with life. When we put bad things into our bodies we are more sluggish and tired. Hmmm, do I need to be sluggish when I am chasing a two year old? Also, I struggle with depression, if I eat things that are terrible for me I will often feel worse, not because I was "bad" on some diet, but just because these things are doing nothing for my body.

I want to be more conscious of what I put into my body. I want to eat things like apples and almonds instead of cookies and chips. If I am extremely hungry in the afternoon maybe I need to get a banana and see how I feel ten minutes later. Or a glass of good whole milk tends to stave off hunger during the first trimester of pregnancy. I remember I almost lived off of whole milk because everything smelled terrible to me. That was with Levi and I hardly gained any weight my first trimester with him. But with Aria I indulged a lot more and gained quite a bit more during my first trimester which resulted in a lot more overall weight gain throughout the pregnancy.

Lord, you have given good gifts in the whole foods you provide. They are good for our bodies, You know how our bodies can work perfectly. Help me to be discerning in what my body needs and not just what I think I want. You are the only source that comforts. Help me to go to You in prayer and to Your Word when I need peace, when I need comfort.

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