Saturday, March 10, 2012

Losing pregnancy weight part 9

I should not be blogging. It's 9:30 at night which really means it's 10:30 because of DST... but I am. I am going to blog. Just a short one. :)

I am starting to count housework as exercise. When you are on your knees scrubbing your cabinets and the inside of your refrigerator, you can count that as burning calories. :)

Several times I feel like I needed a slap in the face. Do you ever just start to think about how you NEED ice cream? I just start to think, if only all these people in my house would leave and I could just sit down in front of the computer with a nice big bowl of ice cream... that would make things better for sure. Or not.

I am still reading in this book "Large Family Logistics" and I was convicted when I read in the back about "Getting by when you are exhausted" (yes, that's a chapter title) She talked about watching what you eat. When you are barely getting by it's not time to try new gourmet recipes. It's also not the time to eat a lot of processed, salty, sugary foods. It's best to go for the whole foods, the produce section. It was like I was being hit over the head with a two by four. Duh, the junk food that I was eating in no way was going to help my energy level. What the heck was I thinking? So I am trying to watch what I eat, not just for the sake of losing weight, but also just so I have enough energy. I am really tired of being tired.

I need to start getting in some kind of regular cardio workout right now just so I have that extra energy. I have been feeling far to sluggish lately and I'm tired of it.

My next goal is to start going for a walk every other day. Hopefully I can get it to be longer and longer. I need to start small and build up.

Okay, that's the end of my blog for tonight.

Good night.

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  1. Jody, I love reading your blog posts because they always hit home for where I am in my life, too. I got to where I was starting to count all the cleaning and work I was doing at home as exercise, and now that I am back at work, I am counting that as exercise too. I mean, I am constantly on my feet and moving around my room and school. I do need to keep in mind the kinds of food I am eating... it is just so quick and easy to grab a poptart rather than make some eggs and toast in the morning before work, but I need to make more of an effort.

    Thanks for posting!