Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What To Blog About? {and a bit about walking}

I'm finding that keeping up a blog is not as easy as it sounds. I think the idea of having a blog and being heard and just posting a few times a week sounds really great but then when it comes to actually getting around to posting, it can be difficult. Procrastination leads to not posting and then not posting leads you to the question: "Why do I even have this stupid blog?" I think that's why a lot of people start blogs but maybe only post a few times. That's just my take on things. (shrugs shoulders)

I think of things I want to post usually about twelve times a day. This might be letting you in too much on my crazy mind, but a lot of my thoughts sound like Facebook statuses. Like, if I actually posted everything I thought about posting on Facebook I would post at least 20-30 times a day. I am officially crazy. The good thing is that I have shown some restraint and I usually try to keep it to one or two posts a day. Maybe three or four if you are counting Instagram.

So what have I been thinking about posting about?
- I've been thinking about what I am learning from the "unfriending" process on Facebook (I never know if I should capitalize that or not).
- I always need to be posting more funny stories about Aria and Levi and what I am learning from them.
- I want to post about walking and why I try to go for walks every morning.
- I want to post about where we are with birth control and why we are at the point and my thoughts on getting pregnant with another baby.
- I need to post about my Bible Study ... I have this huge tendency to start things like that which I cannot finnish.
- I am also re-figuring out my home management schedule and would love to share about what I am learning.

I think I will just write a bit about why I take walks every day. This will be quick.

I used to be a hard core exerciser. I'm not particularly fast but I can have some serious endurance. I thought if I was going to work out I needed to sweat buckets and it should take me at least an hour or two. I am learning moderation in all things.

Last night I woke up many times with my sweet, precious daughter (I think she is sick or maybe going through a growth spurt ... or maybe just can't live without me for more than a few hours). Waking up means hearing her cry, going in to get her, nurse her in the chair, maybe dozing a bit while nursing (I have an awesomely huge lay-z-boy that is soooo comfy, I often doze while nursing her in the night.) wake up, carefully put her back in her crib while trying not to wake her but also trying to hold her upright for a minute or two in case a burp needs to come out, it's a fine art, especially when you are half asleep. The next time I woke up was 4, she was kind of crying (looking back I should have just let her cry and see if she would go back to sleep, but who is thinking with their right mind at 4 am anyways?!). So I decided the smart thing would be to just bring her into the bed with me and maybe I would sleep while she nursed. The downside to this plan is that I never sleep as well when she is in the bed. I'm not a good co-sleeper and as she has gotten bigger she likes to take up more of the bed. Seriously, she will stretch her chubby little arms and legs out as far as she can and squirm (she's basically telling me to move over and give her some room cause she is in this nice, big, soft, warm bed and I'm crowding her).  Anyways, I woke up again at 5 to move her. My ninja-baby-moving skills were not in play because she woke up as I was getting her in the crib and refused to suck her thumb. 5:30 I crawled into bed with twenty minutes of sleep left.

Humanly speaking I should not have gone for a walk this morning. She got up again at 6:30 so I plopped her in the stroller.

The sunrise was beautiful.

It was so quiet and cool.

It was healing.

I realized as I looked down at her and up at the sky that I don't walk for exercise as much as I walk for peace of mind. I don't have to hurry, I don't have to try to get my heart rate up. I just get to breathe and walk and be.

That is why I go for walks every day.

What about you? Do you do certain things for peace of mind? What keeps your sane?


  1. Jody, I hope you find time to write about all the things you mentioned b/c I am interested in hearing your thoughts! Harvey and I try and take a walk every morning. The only mornings we don't is if he sleeps too late and it's already hot outside (but who can complain when their two-month old sleeps in?). It's been a great way to meet neighbors, get some exercise, and just get out of the house. We love it.

    And agreed--it's so hard to find time to blog! I come up with post ideas all the time and maybe one in twenty actually gets written. I have a lot of partially written posts in my draft folder...

  2. Totally random suggestion -but I connect with the "walk for peace of mind" comment- get some clotheslines. John got our retractable 40' lines at Home Depot. Make laundry something that involves a little time outdoors and mindless effort. I am _SO_ in love with my clotheslines. FYI - I hate laundry. I love my clotheslines. Hence, I'm busy dealing with laundry today, because I've checked the Hurricane Isaac weather forecast and will have to put my lovely clotheslines away for a few days.