Monday, May 2, 2011

I don't want to post out of my emotions. I am a deeply emotional person and sometimes I hate it. I think I hate it because I know that sometimes I will be misunderstood. Most of my life I've felt misunderstood.

Deep calls out to deep
in the roar of Your waterfalls;
all Your waves and breakers have swept over me.
Psalm 42:7

I posted on my Facebook status and I hate doing that because it tends to be so vague. I can't really honestly sit with someone on Facebook and weep and pray. I think that's what drives me crazy about it.

Have you ever just felt cut open and laid bare? I know that the Lord will heal me I know that He is faithful. I know that I am human and will always be prone to sin. I hate my tendencies towards sin. Sometimes I just want to run and hide, but I don't want anger or bitterness to take root in my heart.

Lord, please help me to be open to what You have to say to me. Thank You for Your Spirit. I am amazed at the grace You have in my life. Help me to submit to my authorities. I want to live a life of pure submission to the men You have placed around me. You are so good to allow me to work in my giftings under the authority of these men. Please give me discernment.

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