Saturday, February 16, 2013

Letters to Littles

Daddy got home this morning on a red eye flight. Everyone is sleeping but me. Time to blog. 

Dear Aria, 

I have been needing to write for a while now. I don't think I ever got around to posting on your one year birthday. I am so sorry, in the future I will try to do much better for your birthdays, at least then you will be able to remember and understand what is actually happening. 

What a ray of sunshine you are. You are a quiet ray at times. I never had the problem of things getting too quiet with Levi, but with you it is certainly true. Things are too quiet probably means that you are getting into something you shouldn't be. I come in and all the books are off the shelves or you are getting into some cabinet (we never get around to baby-proofing around here). Your favorite things are the refrigerator and the silverware in the dishwasher. I prefer you play with it while it's clean but you will take it any way you can get it. The refrigerator is difficult because you don't know that standing there with it open isn't very good for our electric bill. You don't understand why this magical chilled box filled with beautiful things has to be kept closed. Thankfully, Levi is usually there to pull of push you out of the way so he can close it. He has good intentions but not as diplomatic in his approach. 

One reason I wanted to write is because this past week you have started to walk! The other day we were at a friends house and you probably took 6-7 steps all on your own. Oh the elation and joy on your little face. You kept waving your arms around happily afterwards just to keep letting everyone know what you had done. I kept trying to make videos of you walking to send to your daddy but I was always too late in my efforts. You do this thing after you are done practicing where you stand up and then almost jump/fall on your knees. You think it's hilarious. So does Levi. 

The other day we were listening to music in the van and the two of you were waving your arms (dancing) and clapping. You were laughing so hard, it just made my heart well up with joy. I know Levi loves having someone to laugh alongside. 

You seem to know certain words now. The other day I opened the oven and you were crawling too close and I could only say, "No!" and you said, "Ha" which translated means "hot" You know that the oven and the space heater is "ha" The way you say it, you drop your jaw as far as you can and breath out the H almost from the back recesses of your throat. I need to keep track of what other words you say. 

I think you might be a bit of a dare devil. (As much as a baby could be). You seem to be unafraid of heights even though you have taken several spills. The other day you were complaining about being strapped into the cart seat so I put you in the basket. You loved grabbing the the front and standing. You had the wind in your hair and you knew you were steering the boat. Oh how I love secretly laughing in my heart as you do these little things. It's definitely a proud laugh that thinks my daughter is amazing because she is so big and brave and I just love her. 

Aria, I'm praying that you will be brave. I'm praying that you will be brave and bold for the cause of Christ, for the sake of the Kingdom. You are quiet, yet you are persistent and passionate, these things I am familiar with. I pray that you would persistently pursue God. I pray that your life will be marked by purity, that you will be unafraid to be pure. I pray that you would be a comfort to those around you. I pray that you would be a welcome place for them to be. 

I love you my sweet, precious baby girl. 

Your Mama

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