Monday, February 18, 2013

This Happened Today

It's President's Day? Did you know that? The only reason why most people care is because the mail and trash men don't come. Also, the library is closed. Most importantly, my husband got the day off. So, happy Presidents Day to us. :)

We decided to put our kids in the same room. Levi is approaching three and a half and Aria is thirteen months. She might be a little young, especially since she occasionally still wakes up at night. Ben and I knew I needed a place to be able to do my art and music and (fingers crossed) to sew. Maybe my fingers shouldn't be crossed, maybe I just need to be more diligent in learning to sew. I'm sure some youtube videos would do me good.

Naptime went pretty well. At first we tried to lay them down at the same time. We put them in their beds and told Levi to just ignore Aria, that he was to set a good example by going to sleep. She, of course started squealing with excitement that he was in the same room as she was. I heard, "Aria, be quiet!" and opened the door a few minutes later to him hanging onto the side of her crib and her laughing with joy. This was getting us no rest. So I took him out and we read until she fell asleep (about ten minutes later.) I adamantly told him to be as quiet as possible and go right to his bed. The first time he woke her up (she wasn't quite to sleep, but she sure wasn't going back to sleep when she saw him), the second time it was successful. I think they napped together for maybe an hour and a half. She was the first to wake. She started crying, but her tone changed probably because she realized her brother was in the same room as her. In Aria's eyes, Levi hung the moon.

Another thing that happened this morning was that Levi ate half a container of gummy vitamins.

I needed to take a shower and so I left him (Aria was taking her morning nap) at the kitchen island eating cheerios. I forgot to put up his vitamins and when I stepped out of the shower there he was with the last handful of them in his mouth. His eyes wide as he exclaimed through a mouthful of gummies "I ate all the bitamins!" I desperately tried to pull them out as he chewed and swallowed them as quickly as possible. I think I managed to get one. Just one.

I texted some friends and they said to call poison control. I called and we confirmed that there was no iron in the vitamins so it shouldn't be too harmful, he should be fine, maybe some upset stomach or diarrhea.

He threw up tonight.

I was ever so feeling. I comforted him, told him this is why we don't eat so many vitamins and that he should never do that again.

It's always good to have a learning opportunity.

Also, Aria has the worst diaper rash I have seen yet.

These are the things you think about as a mom.

Happy Presidents Day.

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