Sunday, August 7, 2011

Back from vacation

Well, we are back. Our vacations are always with extended family. This is how my husband grew up going on vacation and so did I. Did I ever go to Disney World or Six Flags? Nope. We had trips to the Lake of the Ozarks at my grandparents cabin (it was a tiny place and my grandma and grandpa had a sweet pontoon boat... it was basically awesome.) Or we would go to Colorado with my parents ministry organization and stay at the KOA Kampgrounds.

This vacation was at Ben's cousins lake house on Smith Lake in AL. We slept on air mattresses and Levi slept in the upstairs bathroom. We had twelve kids and twelve adults... I think, I'm counting in my head right now and my brain isn't working all the way. You know that feeling after you get after you get back and you are totally zapped. The week was exhausting, but so good. Basically it was mass chaos with little kids running around, most of them ages 3-7 as well as Levi and his cousin Anna who are 20 and 22 months.

What am I even writing about? I don't even know.

Things that made me laugh:
 -In the car Levi would say an emphatic "Wow" every time we passed a semi truck. He was overcome. Then he would mutter brrrrm brrrm brrrm to himself. 
-Levi's sweet dance moves when I got out my guitar and played and sang for the kids
-The most chaotic water games I have ever played. Basically every single game just sort of dissipated, I don't think there were ever any winners, just lots of water being thrown around
-Watching uncle Ken get into a tipsy kayak on the lake. It took him about 4 times and that was just off the dock, that's not counting the times he got tipped over and had to get in it from the middle of the lake.

Anyways, it's good to be back. Good to be home. 

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