Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Levi Stories

I need to take a nap. I'm kind of waiting for Levi to make sure he has fallen asleep. I have laid him down for a nap before (right after I lay Aria down) and he has gotten up 5 minutes later to plea bargain staying awake. It's really bad when I am just drifting off into sleep. So I make sure not to attempt a nap until I'm sure he's down.

Thought I would take a few minutes and write down some of the funny things he's said or done.

The other day I was cutting up some cooked carrots for Aria. Levi said, "Mommy, can I tell Aria someping?"
"Sure Levi."
(In a very low, serious voice) "Don't touch dat knife Aria, he will cut you!"
I had to step into the laundry room I wanted to burst out laughing so bad. It just reminded me of some gang member saying, "If you don't give me your wallet I'm gonna cut you!"

Today I was sitting and nursing Aria. Levi came in with a serious look on his face and one finger in the air. He held it right up to me and whispered. "I gotta booger."
"Wow, Levi! Did you get that yourself?"
"Yeah, can you take it?"
"Um, sure Levi. Next time maybe you should just throw it in the trash."

Since crawling, Aria has started to go over and mess with her trash can. It's gross because it usually has wet diapers and things like that in it. You will find that babies have this fascination with things you DON'T want them to have a fascination with and every time you put them on the floor they will go for it. So one day she was going for the trash can Levi shouted, "No Aria!" and took the trash can away. I later found it in her closet. I have a feeling I might start finding strange things in strange places.

I need to start posting this stuff more. The biggest thing he is teaching me is how to suppress my laughter, I'm not good at this.

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  1. I am so loving your regular blogging this week! When HP was first born I was trying to write something down about him every day. That lasted about a week... But I'll have to get better by the time he is talking and saying hilarious things. So cute!