Saturday, September 8, 2012

More Levi Stories

I have to remember to blog about Levi stories more and more. He is saying all these cute things and I need to write them down before they slip by. Here are a few.

We have a backseat driver. We will be just driving along and all of the sudden we hear from the back seat,"Go dis way!" Mostly, he is pointing for us to go in the direction of Mimi or Deedee's house. I'm pretty sure he could direct anyone to their houses. This led me start to explain left and right to him. I realized how difficult that is because as soon as you turn left, it's no longer left anymore, it's straight ahead. I think slowly but surely he's getting it though. For a two and a half year old I think that's pretty good. I still get my left and right mixed up.

Whenever Levi has something on his face, a bug bite, scratch or some leftover food I told him to wipe off, he always has a desire to see it in the mirror. Exclaims, "I show da mirror!" and runs into our bathroom where there is a full length mirror (low enough for him to see himself without help) and looks intently.

I wish I could explain just how his mannerisms are. We are finding he can be very serious. My favorite serious look is when he furrows his brow so that his eyebrows form a straight line. His big brown eyes look so intent as though they are  forming a straight line as well. He looks as though he is telling you the most important thing in the world and often raises a finger to help him with his point. There is something very adult about the intensity with which he talks. You can almost see his little mind working as he is trying his hardest to form sentences.

A few weeks ago Ben was riding his bike to work. He was trying to stop at a stop sign, not paying attention, and messing with his phone. Note to self: do not text and ride. Of course, he fell off his bike. Nothing was broken, all was in tact but he got some pretty nasty wounds all over his back, elbow and legs. He continued on to work but called me to tell me about it when he got there. When I hung up the phone I told Levi that Daddy had had an accident. Levi immediately looked at me with his serious face and said, "Daddy needs a take da purple car!" (our car isn't exactly purple, but that's about the closest color we can think to call it, another close color might be brown... it's more fun to call it the purple car though). I was kind of amazed at Levi's reasoning skills. Daddy wrecked his bike, therefore he needs to take the car.

Also, for the next week Ben would be doing something and Levi would come up next to him, see his wounds and asked, "Wa happened to yer knee?" (sometimes pointing to his ankle, note to self: work on the names of body parts with Levi). Ben would have to explain to Levi once more that he fell off his bike and he hurt himself.
Levi: "Oh ... you okay?"
Ben: "Yes, I'm okay."
Levi: "You need ta take da purple car."

Ben was much better this week so he took his bike to work again. As he was pedaling off and we were waving Levi called to him, "Don't faw woff yer bike!"

So helpful.

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