Thursday, September 13, 2012

When Daddy's Away...

I am in the process of putting Levi down for a nap. It's involving me putting him in his bed, telling him to stay there and leaving the room. Then I hear his little voice, I go back in and he is out of his bed, probably playing in his curtains (which is a 'no no' anyways) me administering punishment and putting him back in his bed. Sometimes this process only takes 10 minutes, the other day it took 2 hours.

I was walking into the hallway as I was leaving his room and thought, I need to just write down what has happened this week with Ben being gone. Not that stuff like this doesn't happen every day, but it seems that we are more... well, life has had more hiccups in it this week.

Here's just a list of what has happened when Daddy was away. I'll just list the good, the bad, and the ugly.

- We went to a friends house and had a good time of fellowship with her and her kids. I ended up painting the fruit of the spirit on her kitchen wall. It was cool to bless her like that.
- Levi spilled yogurt on my computer.
- Went to a friend's house for dinner that night. Levi peed on their floor. (He has a tendency to forget about that stuff when he's in a new, fun environment.
- Figured out how to make it through the grocery store with fewer tantrums. I simply told Levi that if he got out of the car on the front of the cart that he would ride up in the basket with Aria. For the first time I didn't have to reprimand him, just remind him.
::edit::  I also forgot to mention that Levi broke Aria's blinds. He immediately came and confessed, "I broke Aria's blinds! Dey fell down!" I thought he meant that they had just gone down, but I came in and they were on the floor. So, she has no blinds now. At least she has a curtain.
- Went to a mom small group at noon and an adult small group that night. It's always good to have some adult fellowship even though I was late to both.
- Successfully exchanged a mattress pad at Bed Bath and Beyond. Freak out moment: I thought I put the cart securely next to the van and while I was getting Levi into his carseat Aria and the cart started to roll away. I basically threw Levi into his seat and tore after her. She maybe rolled 5 feet or so, but i definitely just stood their and cried after I brought her back to Levi to make sure he wasn't hurt in my throwing him. Thankfully, everyone was fine.
- Taught a piano lesson to three eager children, got lost on the way. I get so turned around in Alexander. Also pulled a u-turn on a one way access road. Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Can we say near death experiences?? Also, Levi peed in his pants again, but I didn't have extra pants for him this time, forgot to refill the bag, so he had to wear one of Aria's cloth diapers. Very sad.
- Picked up Aria's shot record for the plane trip tomorrow. I was in a hurry and didn't notice that Levi didn't have shoes on. We walked across the parking lot and into the office. Good thing his tetanus shot is up to date.
- Took my computer to the Apple Store since my keyboard isn't working very well. I was late for my genius appointment so I was practically dragging Levi. I'm sure they loved to see me with my two year old and 8 month old come in.  We probably looked like a disaster waiting to happen. Makes me nervous with all those beautiful iPads sitting there. Found out it would be 112 bucks to fix my keyboard... crud.
- Went to in-laws for dinner last night. It was good to visit with them, we hadn't had a chance to see each other in a bit. Then my mother in law came over to help me get the kids into bed since they weren't going down until 9:30 and 10 at night.

We also had:
- Two skipped naps
- One poop on the floor (Aria)
- Two decent walks
- One birthday party
- Lots of pink pancakes and green smoothies (sneaking in veggies)

This is the time when we really miss Ben. I realize that he is sort of the anchor to our schedule. We see him off in the mornings and we look forward to when he comes home and when he doesn't the day feels like it's missing something major, which, it is.

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