Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Letters To My Little Ones

Dear Aria,

You change every day. Your little personality has stayed very much the same, it just seems to show more as you get older. Right now we are outside and you are crawling around in our neighbor's grass since we have nothing but dirt. I figured they don't mind since they don't have any kids to really enjoy it. Grass is meant to be enjoyed.

You are cautious and sensitive yet easy going and fun loving. I'm always amazed at how well and how fast you crawl. It makes me wonder if you won't walk for a while because you seem so content to crawl. You also don't like to stand up. I was concerned at first but the doctor assured me that if you can support your weight (which you can do just fine) that it's okay. You just choose not to. You seem to be kind of particular at times. You don't like to be bounced except when you are ready for it. You are very sensitive to other people and how they hold you and touch you. I can tell you like me best. I didn't think I would like that and Levi definitely wasn't like that, but I kind of take some pride in being your favorite. I know exactly how you like to be held, kissed, put to bed. I get to be a source of comfort and security in your life and I am thankful for that.

My main frustration with you right now is that you refuse to hold still for your diaper changes. I mean RE-FUSE. You always try to turn over and then sit up. You have never attempted to crawl off your changing table, I have watched how you are good about ledges. The only way I can get you to be still is to make you laugh by blowing raspberries on your belly. It can be tiring and difficult, especially with the poopy diapers. I'm sure someday I'll look back on these days and think that they are easy in comparison to what is ahead.

Levi likes to call you "Aria baby" pronounced Aw-wee-ya. He tries to get your attention by grabbing your cheeks and saying "wook a me!" you don't like that very much. A good portion of my day is spent protecting you from him. However, I think that you are starting to cry even when he approaches you. I'm not sure how that's going to fly.

I love you my sweet little girl. You are my sweetsy pie, my little munchkin, my snookums, my bitsy boo and you are your daddy's little darling. I haven't settled on a nickname for you, but currently it's just whatever sounds cute that pops into my mind. You fit them all.



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