Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Parenting ups and downs

I think every day I fall more in love with Levi. It's like maybe God is giving us this time so that I will have this stable foundation of love for when he goes into his "terrible twos" and beyond.

We love dancing in the kitchen together. He's getting heavy but that doesn't keep me from taking him in my arms and spinning and dancing with him. I love his giggles.

Another thing he thinks is hilarious is when I'm sitting there and my shirt causes my belly to be slightly visible (we're at home and it doesn't matter to me at that time) he likes to poke it and laugh. Oh dear... but it makes me laugh too, he's probably the only one who will ever be able to do that and it will be okay.

One thing he's been doing that I'm not fond of is screaming. For no reason but to get his way. Whew, when babysitting or teaching I always hated this, and now my little angel-child is doing it? Ben and I (Ben better than I) are trying to discourage it by telling him sternly no and making him wait or whatever. My tendency is to just do what he wants, it solves the problem quickly, but is the beginning of BAD habits. Lord, help me. I'm weary and I don't know much. I'm inconsistent and weak. Please help me.

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  1. Oh my dear friend! :) I almost laugh reading your post because I understand your frustration...I've been there. I am there. Please let me encourage you not to give in. I understand inconsistency and the want just to have them stop. There are days I find myself backing down. However, I had the thought a couple days ago, "Why am I allowing myself to get upset and let a 2 year old rule the roost?" I decided that's not going to happen. I'm the mom. He's the child. What I says goes and if there are arguments or issues, discipline will quickly follow.

    Can I tell you that Eva was a screamer? I had a friend who said that was the only way she could communicate. Can I tell you I don't believe that. Here's what we did...we thumped her cheek. When she screamed, she'd get thumped and told no. If she wanted something, she'd have to say please (which she'd sign). After a few months of that discipline, she did much better. She's a loud little thing (like her mama :)), but she's definitely not as loud as she used to be. Stay encouraged. And bottom line, make sure you continue to ask God for help and direction. I was convicted at a womens conference because one thing they said was to pray for your children. It's necessary. I realized I hadn't been doing that as much as I should have! Jesus will help us moms...he has to!! :) Love you friend! Don't grow weary in doing good!! :)