Sunday, February 6, 2011

Random thoughts from an abstract person

Levi's favorite thing: to literally follow me around the house and do whatever I'm doing. If I'm on the phone, he wants to use his phone, if I'm in the kitchen, he's into the Tupperware or pots and pans. Right now I am at the dining room table trying to post and he is at my feet, sort of whining, getting into the grandfather clock, and now he is finally playing contentedly with my hair tie. Ah, the moments of silence.

My friend Sara said not to let your child be the boss, you be the boss. Wow, that has been so true today. The funny thing is that when I firmly say "no" and don't allow him to get his way, he tends to calm down. What a strange thing. When I refuse my child he calms, when I allow him what he is whining about, he complains more.

I'm very tired right now. After a long Sunday at church and a weekend at my parents I feel pretty exhausted. Here are a few other things I'm learning about life right now, then I will be done.

- I don't need to have a different outfit every Sunday, I'm not a fashion model, just a normal person.
- My words can cut deep, and I need to watch them carefully. Sometimes it's better to say nothing at all.
- I hate our cultural "norms" I'm tired of movies where everyone sleeps with everyone else, songs that are all about sex, and advertisements that are all about satisfying the here and now.
- I love my son. I adore my husband. I'm so thankful he is coming home, it was a long weekend without him. :)
- I probably use too many of these: :)
- I hate being busy and yet love it at the same time. Business keeps me from just being idle.
- I long for true community. Fake community is prevalent, but true community and friendships are very hard to come by.

There are my thoughts for tonight.

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